About AQUA Pharmacy

Aqua Pharmacy was Incorporated in 2019 As part of the Aqua Healthcare Group of companies. We believe in improving the health and wellness of our neighborhoods through engaging with experiences that provide our customers with the best products, services and guidance; to meet their unique needs. The purpose of Aqua is to create a medical eco-system which can deliver 360-degree healthcare solutions while providing a satisfactory customer experience though our service and retail; using the highest quality products to better your health needs.

Aqua.The Source of Life..

We are your neighborhood pharmacy located close by to provide quality products for all your healthcare needs. Aqua Pharmacy takes pride in keeping superior quality of Prescription Medicines, Supplements, Vitamins, Personal Care, Skin Care, Baby and Child products to better suit you and your family’s needs. When it comes to taking medicine, you should always make sure that the person advising you is licensed. That’s why Aqua has qualified pharmacists at our Pharmacies to assist you in making sure you have the right information in making decisions for bettering your health. We have a variety of brands and products to address all your concerns. At Aqua, we understand it’s an extended effort to take care of your health. So, please pay a visit to your local pharmacist for general information, so that falling ill never becomes a worry for your family ever again

What We Do?