If you are physically fit, then you are mentally indestructible, Physical fitness boosts your complete energetic level throughout the day. Being fit promotes high energy levels, boosting your mood and attitude. Fitness ensures the body in adjusting for even routine activities. Through exercising regularly is the best that you can do for your health, which actives all your cells for an energetic kick. When dealing with regular exercises, cardio workouts, outdoor games, or any other games, the intake of essential nutrients or any sports supplements is essential.

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 The brand promises excellent products, especially on weight gaining. The brand itself is known as “The Home Of Hardcore Supplements”.The ultimate goal of this brand focuses on the complete satisfaction of Body Builders. For people who are aiming to gain a massive muscle mass or triple muscle growth, the most suitable brand will be Russian Bear, which also assures high Testosterone levels to build up the muscle sooner. The products are designed & made by Scientists, expert trainers & technicians with immense care and experiments. There are wide varieties of products under the brand which are favorites among bodybuilders. The advanced formula is used to make this product, that enriched with High-quality protein, Complex carbohydrates & essential Vitamins & Minerals which promote muscle growth with massive transformation. The incorporation of flavors makes the other deal, introducing flavors like vanilla, chocolate, etc.

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The world’s one of the best brands among the protein products available in the category. High-quality raw materials are one of the best factors about the brand. O N products are tested twice to ensure the extra quality of the products which guarantees the best among the bodybuilders. Optimum Nutrition brand products help in recovering the best muscle mass. If you have a role-model on bodybuilding or muscle gaining, then you can choose the O N brand & provides all support to maintain the existing muscle.

The protein powder from the brand assures the best endurance & recovery of containing 5.55g of naturally occurring BCAAS and contains 24g of protein. Also, another product from the brand O N is Serious Mass, which helps to boost 1250 calorie intake & 253G Carbs & 50G of protein, which promotes healthy muscle gain. O N brand also has one amazing product that promotes energy enhancer, it contains 100G caffeine that really helps to focus on fitness and thereby boosting energy through Caffeine, that obtained from natural resources.

Products from the O N brand involve Protein Shakes & powders, snacks, Energy enhancers, weight-gaining products, Muscle building products & Endurance supporters. Also, supplements for vitamins, health & wellness affect an active lifestyle.


A leading popular brand that aids in dietary supplements & America’s No.1 selling product among bodybuilders. The brand Muscle Tech manufactures a large array of supplements, among these Muscle Tech brought out a creatine-carbohydrate-alpha lipoic acid supplement. Also, few ranges of protein shakes & protein powders were readily manufactured & distributed by this brand. The brand introduced, Nitro-Tech variant with different types of whey proteins. The primary source of the product comes under performance-series, with whey protein peptides & isolate. There are no added active ingredients, the products are 100 percent pure whey. With Aquapharmaonline, an online pharmacy UAE  had a vast range of flavors of vanilla, cookies & cream, chocolate, milk chocolate, strawberry, & so on.


One of the top protein powder brands that got established & won the award for the best products. Purest lactose-free product among the other protein supplements in the market now.

Zero & low-carb products are other highlights of the Isopure. The vitamins & minerals combined in the products boost the energy level of the bodybuilder or muscle builder at its peak.

Isopure genuinely supports muscle growth with pure protein isolate. If you prefer a zero-sugar product, Go & shop ISOPURE from aquapharmaonline with amazing deals. A wide range of flavors is immense such as Strawberry cream, vanilla, and multi-blended flavors like pineapple-orange-Banana, Alpine punch, Espresso, Strawberries & cream, peach-pineapple, Blackberry lemonade & so on.


Have you chosen your goal? If not set your ultimate goals with Muscle Rulz, a leading brand with a large array of products that promote Muscle Building, Weight Management, Health & Wellness, Energy & Performance. The ingredients used in the manufacturing of the products under the brand Muscle Rulz ensure the purity of the raw materials used in the preparation.

Raw materials are natural and are free from antibiotic residues.

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cGMP certified product with completely Gluten-free, which maximizes your result fastly. Muscle Rulz utilizes cutting-edge technology & the art of making & testing the products facilitates an upgraded level to Have High Standards. Especially in times of stressful days, the Glutamine from Muscle Rulz helps in gut health, improves the immune system, & Glutamine provides fuel for different cells in the human body. ZMA & Caffeine capsules & tablets, Joint Rulz, CLA soft gels, and  BCCA amino acid fruit punch are other products from Muscle Rulz. The flavor range varies with Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, etc.


Would you like to prefer Carnivor-Friendly products? The best brand for those who want to build mass and muscle with high power results is MuscleMeds. The brand unites with premium powerful ingredients and cutting-edge ingredients. The products from the brand promote a dramatic difference in muscle gain & enhancement performance. 

The Carnivor brand from MuscleMeds was the first series of products introduced in the market that is produced from Beef. The protein isolate made up of beef, with variant flavors like vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, chocolate-fudge, vanilla-caramel, fruit punch & so on. MuscleMeds introduces protein shots with different flavors & also produces amino tablets.

Pure Beef has enormous benefits in building mass & muscles, that too manufactured in the most convenient form of a delicious anabolic protein shake. After creating the sub-category of Beef Protein, MuscleMeds followed suit with Carnivor Mass, a beef protein mass gainer, Carnivor Shred, a fat-burning beef protein, and Carnivor Beef Aminos, a powerful amino acid supplement. Plus, MuscleMeds brought Carnivor RTD – the first Beef Protein Isolate in the form of a ready-to-drink shake. Bodybuilders and elite athletes worldwide use Carnivor because it helps them get great results. All you can Grab & Shop from one of the online pharmacies near you at Aquapharmaonline.